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About the company

Pro Diagnostic Group

Pro Diagnostic Group was founded in 2011 and is currently the leading provider of healthcare in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine in Slovakia, in non-state healthcare facilities. It operates diagnostic centres with modalities such as MRI, CT, USG and PET/CT. It has achieved its leading position by locating its centres in the best Slovak hospitals and employing leading radiologists, specialists in each modality.

Company structure

Medical centres belonging to Pro Diagnostic Group, a.s. are equipped with the most modern imaging technologies and thanks to experienced medical staff they manage to implement the most modern diagnostic methods into practice. Currently, the company operates 14 diagnostic centres located throughout Slovakia. An important vision of the company is to continuously stabilize its position in relation to patients, physicians and insurance companies. It wants to be a constantly learning company, open to new methods, knowledge and ideas.

We already have 14 modern centres in Slovakia


Magnetic resonance imaging

All magnetic resonance imaging workplaces have concluded health care contracts with all health insurance companies in the Slovak Republic.

The individual MRI facilities are interconnected and use the PACS system and the T3C Teleradiology Centre,
which enables on-line sending of images and consultation activities in the evaluation of controversial findings by several experts of our departments.
Our departments are linked to the hospital information systems of key hospitals in the form of sending electronic requests and findings between the information systems, which brings a significant increase in the convenience and speed of physicians’ work in diagnosing and treating patients.

We operate a unique web portal for online communication between referring physicians and our MRI departments –

Nuclear medicine

The PET/CT Center is a successful “public-private” project of Dr. Magnet in cooperation with BIONT. This diagnostic centre is the most modern medical facility in the field of nuclear medicine in Slovakia. The project has combined the strength of the many years of experience of the top-notch staff with the latest available technology of the Philips PET/CT tomograph, the Gemini TF 64 system, which has allowed to increase the number of patients examined and to significantly reduce the waiting time for the examination. In addition, it has also brought about a significant reduction in radioactive radiation doses, thus protecting the patient’s health.

In 2014, routine examination of patients with brain tumours using the radiopharmaceutical 11C-methionine began.Since November 2014, the department has been using another positron radiopharmaceutical -18F-Choline, in the diagnosis of prostate cancer recurrence, which is unique in the whole of Slovakia.

In the in vivo section, it is about the use of minimally burdensome non-invasive medical imaging methods that allow to obtain information based on the distribution of the administered radiopharmaceutical in the body. The information provided is indicative of organ function and morphology, pathological deposits and metabolism. At the department we investigate on two two-detector gamma cameras, namely: 

SPECT GE Sopha DST – XLi and


Pro RTG is a modern non-state medical facility that offers comprehensive diagnostic services in the field of radiology: CT (computed tomography) scans, sonographic (ultrasound) examinations and X-ray. The facility guarantees the use of inventive techniques and clinical applications, with the aim of the most accurate imaging diagnosis for patients and clinicians.

The department uses the latest model of the PHILIPS MX 16 EVO computed tomography CT scanner, which ensures a reduced radiation burden on patients during the examination. Thanks to the 16 arrays of detectors, the CT examination will be significantly accelerated.

Ultrasound examinations are performed on Philips CLEAR VUE 550 and Philips CLEAR VUE 650 ultrasound machines. These ultrasound machines are suitable for all types of ultrasound examinations and are additionally expandable with 3D. They are thus an excellent diagnostic tool.

Our SIEMENS MULTIX Impact X-ray equipment enables all routine examinations. The device provides high image quality at the lowest possible X-ray dose and lowest burden for the patient. The device also includes special system settings for paediatric examinations for paediatric patients.

The facility is a fully digitized workstation, utilizing the PACS system and is part of the T3C Teleradiology Center.

The workplace uses a 64-series CT scanner of the Siemens Somatom Sensation type. We use only original iodine contrast agents which, after application, saturate individual organs in the human body and thus enable the doctor (radiologist) to detect possible diseases. Once the contrast agent has fulfilled its function, it is excreted out of the body through the kidneys.

CT scans perfectly show bleeding in the brain, bone fractures, tumours of the head, lungs, abdomen and small pelvis, and enlarged lymph nodes. Traumatic damage to organs of the chest, abdomen, blood vessels and brain.

CT Prešov


Densitometry is an imaging method to measure bone density and to verify the diagnosis of osteoporosis, to monitor osteoporosis treatment and to determine fracture risk. Thanks to special scanning techniques, it can visualise bone structure and analyse bone mineral density.


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